In the past, our community have helped to support our work by:

  • Voting for us to win a £1500 Tesco Community Grant for our Breakfast Club.
  • Purchasing tickets for our local Rotary community raffle.
  • Taking part in our ‘FitFest’ sponsored event at St Peters Church.
  • Choosing us as their local charity through the Co-op local causes scheme.
  • Donating to our Christmas Appeal.
  • Taking part in our Sponsored Bungee Jump at Salford Quays.
  • Supporting us through a huge variety of different fundraising events, individual donations, and charity collections.

For more information please click here, and to book your place through Eventbrite, please visit the event page here.

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As well as organising our own fundraising events and sponsored challenges we can offer fundraising and promotional support for any events organised to by our supporters.

If you’re thinking of organising your own event to fundraise for YMCA Cheshire, please contact to request a fundraising toolkit.