Life at our accommodation on Gresty Road is about having fun, being part of a community, learning new things and having the opportunity to create a new future. There is a Games Lounge where residents can play snooker, pool or table tennis, access the internet or just chill out.

There is also a Music Café, laundry room, a gym and a communal courtyard. Residents all have their own rooms with an en-suite bathroom and shared kitchen. Those engaging in YMCA life can progress to one of our larger self-contained apartments. When people feel ready to move out into independent accommodation, they can join the Resettlement scheme.

Residents’ Zone

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You should be able to find all the information you need about living at 189 on this section of the website. If anyone has any questions, you can talk firstly to your Housing Coach, but any member of staff can signpost you in the right direction.

Your licence agreement gives full details of our house rules, but you can’t go far wrong if you remember the basics in on the house rules page. You have rights too and you can find out here what to do if you have a complaint or how to appeal against termination of your licence. Alternatively, you can use this link to find out about making a complaint, this link to find out about making an appeal against an eviction, or go to the ‘Your Voice’ page.

Apart from the GLO Academy, there’s also information here about how to progress whilst you’re living at the Foyer and how to achieve successful resettlement.

A resident wrote recently, “I was at a full-stop in my life with no direction or motivation to change. The YMCA has given me hope and faith in people and organisations again; staff have been very patient with me and given me chances. I feel now I can achieve my goals and I have gained strength and confidence in myself.”