Our vision

Our vision is to build better lives and better futures for young people and communities.

  • by beginning the end of the homeless experience, one person at a time
  • by working with the assets of young people making transitions to independence as they make the transition to independence
  • by engaging and supporting children and families and staying connected in the places they live


Our values

We believe that each person has unique potential and skills to be explored and developed.
We will embed this belief in our work with people, staff and volunteers.

We believe that a ‘can do’ approach is critical for facilitating change in the lives of young people.
We will foster and nurture this attitude in our work with young people, staff and volunteers

We believe in the Christian basis and mission of the YMCA.
We will seek to exemplify and embed Christian ethos in our organisational practice in all we do.


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YMCA Cheshire is a part of YMCA England and Wales. To learn more about our national Vision and Values, please click here.