27 May 2019

Interviews for Resident Reps took place recently at YMCA Crewe. Applicants listened to a presentation about the role and then shared why they thought they would make a good Resident Rep, outlining their thoughts about improvements that might be made. There were some excellent initial ideas put forward by the successful candidates – Nicky, Dan, Graham, Delroy, Gareth, Nicola and Bradley.

The Resident Reps will meet with other service users to discuss current issues at YMCA Crewe and make recommendations to the staff and Board of Trustees. This is a crucial role that ensures good communication all round. Reps will have the opportunity to meet regularly with Board member Ali to talk about daily life at the YMCA and share what they would like to achieve as a Rep. They will also help show people around the building and be role models for others.

The first meeting has already taken place and the group have selected three ideas to focus on.