GLO Academy Weekly Courses

To build up and develop independent living skills in order to support people into moving out successfully.

To promote and develop physical fitness through a variety of different sports.

To break down the stigma of mental through conversation and to develop creative outlets to help manage mental health.

To enable learners to develop theoretical and practical knowledge of how to complete a safe work-out in the gym using all of the different equipment.

Develop football skills and fitness.

Relations Conversations is a module that focuses on how to build up and maintain healthy and positive relationships, learning to recognise the signs of abuse and understanding what we look for in partners.

Learn horticultural skills and grow their own vegetables.

Pursuit is all about getting out and about in the wilderness – you’ll go on walks and hikes to new places and challenge yourself physically.

An opportunity to think outside the box and find new ways of expressing creativity and to promote independent thinking.

Music Jam is designed to develop confidence and self esteem through increased knowledge of music theory and performance skills. A creative and therapeutic outlet.

Build up knowledge and understanding of these 3 key areas and it will help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Learn about the current news through reading newspapers an d online news articles and develop a greater understanding of the issues currently going on in the world and to form opinions and gather facts correctly and responsibly.

Encourage learners to take ownership of a session, develop planning and organisation skills. Learners can nurture their interests and encouraging others to find interests and hobbies.

To build an understanding of anger management and develop techniques to recognise and manage it appropriately.

Employment, training, volunteering courses (weekly)

To provide learners with basic knowledge, experience and practical building skills in order to take the first steps into a possible building career.

A course for those who want to gain the CSCS card and develop their trade skills and look for work experience and employment.

Develop skills that life skills that are transferrable to employment. A chance to promote the YMCA through social media and develop a greater understanding of what the YMCA offers.

To develop commercial and domestic skills in the kitchen, improve understanding of healthy eating and to encourage creativity in trying new recipes.

External Drop in sessions (weekly or bi-weekly)

This drop-in gives young people the opportunity to discreetly drop-in and get information on sexual health and talk about any concerns they have. Condoms are provided and if necessary, trips to the GUM clinic can be organised.

This drop-in gives young people the opportunity to talk to a trained substance mis-use worker from the NHS and learn ways to better handle their addictions and speak safely and openly about their problems.

Week-Long Courses every 12 weeks

One full week of intensive outdoor activities. Get out in to the rugged outdoors and watch your outlook on life as well as your fitness improve! 30 hour course (6 hours per sessions)

A 3 day intensive football training and life skills – includes modules on dealing with disappointment, anger management and self-motivation. Where football and life meet! For the first half of the day we deal with football theory and life skills and during the second part we get stuck into the practical side of football and training. 30 hour course (6 hours per sessions)

A week long course exploring different sports and also looking at the way sport can help us del with anger, increase our social skills and confidence, improve our communication skills and also develop new skills and provide work experience and employment opportunities.

Historic places is a 3 day course designed to explore different periods of British History in interactive ways.