After 15 years of testing, changing and evolving our services and the way we deliver them, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has funded YMCA Crewe to translate our approach into an accessible product called GLOscape.

GLOscape shifts a landscape which sees people as a problem to be solved or a risk to be managed, to a changed landscape of Growth, Life and Opportunity.

GLOscape is an accessible and organic model, recognised by commissioners and funders. It operates both as a service shaper and delivery model for asset-based frontline services.

GLOscape equips staff to support the Growth of assets and connections, encourages people to deal with Life in all its nitty gritty and promotes the take up of new Opportunities that alter individual landscapes.

Full product features include

  1. Proven resources that will equip you and your staff to embed and grow an asset-based approach at both a strategic and operational level
  2. Expert diagnostics to help you towards solid outcomes for users, by identifying and reflecting on your development needs using an asset-based lens
  3. Practical guidance, tips and nudges to support you through everyday challenges, from managing staff to developing your offer and securing future funding
  4. A fidelity framework to help you understand, prioritise and continuously shape best practice
  5. A spectrum of support, from one-to- one training to organisational mentoring, on key asset-based areas tailored to your staff and service needs
  6. Opportunities to engage people in leadership roles
  7. An easy to use online space for you and your staff to access support when you need it
  8. Special digital tools to engage users enhance delivery and capture impact
  9. A growing GLOscape community of like-minded practitioners to connect and shape the future with

For more information contact Richard Holmes 01270 257673