So What is the GLO Academy?

The GLO Academy has a wide range of sessions and opportunities for people living in the YMCA.  GLO Academy offers Opportunities that encourage people to build their personal assets and learn new skills for their future.

Over 30 courses and sessions cover three different life areas:

  • Independent Living

Eg cooking, budgeting, managing a tenancy

  • Health and Well Being

Eg Gym,fitness, Football and GLO Academy, positive mental health, music, art

  • Training and Employment

CV writing, trade skills, catering skills, interview skills and many more..)

What it isn’t?

  • It’s not a classroom environment
  • It’s not a formal training course

See the full menu here.

We all need a little encouragement to learn new things and push through our personal barriers, so in the GLO Academy we:

  • Provide regular meals for those attending sessions
  • Give free internet access
  • Make good use of team games and competitions
  • Use all sorts of Sports and Arts as a way of learning